Back to articles Visit Ajax's Newest Playground & Enjoy the Beautiful Greenwood Conservation Area

Categories: Family Fun

Bring your family to visit Ajax's newest playground and enjoy everything the Greenwood Conservation area has to offer for kids of all ages.

Together with the financial support of the Rick Hansen Foundation, Kaboom, and the Home Depot, and the hard work of over 200 hundred volunteers, Ajax built a playground in the beautiful Greenwood Conservation Area in one day, October 27, 2006. Included in the volunteer roster were dozens of local school children who helped out doing everything from shovelling, to planting trees, to decorating garbage cans with environmental themes.

The playground is designed with many accessible components to make it enjoyable for as many children as possible.

If your kids are a little old for playgrounds, Greenwood Conservation is a beautiful place to go for hikes, cross-country skiing, camping and fishing. The clarity of the creek make it a fabulous trout fishing spot in the spring.

For more information on the new playground, or the conservation area visit the Town of Ajax website.