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If you love everything in your closet, getting dressed in the morning is stress-free. For many of us, that's not the case, and mornings can be mayhem.
Good reasons to keep clothing:
*you love it
*it's flattering
*you feel great in it
*it fits you, physically
*it fits who you are today
*it projects the 'right' image (whatever 'right' is to you)

Not so good reasons to keep clothing:
* 'I might wear it again' (you won't)
* 'It might come back into style' (clothing cycles are long, and it can take a decade for something to come back into style, and when it does, it will be updated with a slightly different look)
* 'It was expensive' (if it's a designer piece and you never wore it, consign it, so you'll no longer be reminded of your shopping blunder ~ why do we keep things that make us feel bad?!)
* 'I want to save it for my daughter' (unless it's couture, she probably won't want it)
*'I'd wear it if I went on a cruise to Alaska' (unless you have your tickets in hand, get rid of it...)
* 'I feel guilty' (if someone knit you a sweater and it isn't your style, send it to charity and make some less-fortunate person a little warmer this winter. Don't succumb to garment guilt!)

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