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Instead of the proverbial 'Spring Cleaning', why not do 'Spring Organizing'? Cleaning is temporary. The benefits of organizing are long lasting. Let us show you the difference:
*Start your spring organizing in the area where you usually enter your home. It is disheartening to arrive in clutter. Create a drop zone for keys, cell phone, and wallet ~ a tray or basket on a table or a shallow container in a drawer. Put newspapers or magazines in a container near the place where you will read them. Sort mail immediately and put items you need to act on in a file, basket, or mail holder where you pay bills. Install a sturdy coat rack near the door or designate a closet or bench to hold purses, backpacks and outerwear. We love name labelled hooks in a mud room!

*Tackle your backlog of photos now before vacation season begins. Use a storage system that works best for you, but always one that is acid free. Get rid of duplicates or poor quality photos. Place the rest in albums or file in photo storage boxes divided by subject or date. Swap out some of your framed photos for new favourites. Better yet, store all of those photos electronically!

*Go through your pantry and cupboards and toss food which is past its expiration date. Get in the habit of marking the date on packages and containers when you open them if you know you will not be using the contents within a short time. Add items you need to replenish to your grocery list.

*Be honest about your books. Keep those you love, will read again, or use for reference. Donate the rest so others can enjoy them. This goes for cookbooks too. If parting with your old 'Joy of Cooking' is a challenge, try this trick. For the next, 6 months, or pick what you believe is a reasonable amount of time, tag each recipe you make with a post-it note. At the end of the time period, re-evaluate your 'necessary' books. It may change your perspective.

*Simplify ~ Treasures get lost in a crowd. Rotate your keepsakes and knick knacks seasonally. You will enjoy your special things more and your home will always have a fresh look.

*Just make a change, however small. Small successes, such as an organized drawer, build your confidence to accomplish more, whether it's to tackle organizing your basement or signing up for college classes. You can do it!

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