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New Montessori school ensures each child nutured and challenged.

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Maria Montessori saw that children did not in fact need to be 'taught,' but that learning was a natural process. What we often call play is a young child's work, something that is giving them a sense of excitement, meaning and purpose to their lives.


Shoal Point Montessori recognises that there is a world of difference between being taught and eagerly wanting to learn, which is they offer children the opportunity for 'self-development.'

Shoal Point ensures each child is nurtured and challenged as an individual.

In their early years, children soak up information; this is what Maria Montessori called the 'Absorbent Mind.' They do so most effectively if they are given the freedom to follow their own desires to explore the environment.


Shoal Point Montessori classrooms are full of fascinating materials and activities that children will be drawn to, encouraging their 'hunger to learn.'  Children explore interesting subjects such as language, maths, botany, zoology, geography, history and french, cooking and gardening.


The main principle of Shoal Point Montessori is love and respect for children.

Shoal Point offers Full and Half Day Casa Programs for ages 2 ½ to 6 years.Shoal Point Montessori opens October 2008. It is located off Shoal Point Road, south of Bayly Street. Come and see what we have to offer! You will not be disappointed!


Please contact or call on 905 239 2537 for more information.