Back to articles Ruth Bay and the Minotaur by Whitby mom and author, Caroline McIntosh

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Why not come along on Ruth

Ruth Bay, a shy and bookish ten year-old girl, loves to ride her bicycle to nearby Lavender Village Bookstore.  In the corner of the stores sits an enchanted armchair, and one day, feeling more adventurous than usual, Ruth sits in the chair to peruse an Egyptian history book and suddenly finds herself magically transported into the pages.  Thrust back in time, and all at once able to interact with the storybook’s characters, Ruth Bay embarks on an amazing journey and encounters a multitude of people and mythical creatures, including a Mummy, a goddess, and an evil, dictator Minotaur, who has overthrown the king.

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Author Caroline McIntosh, is a local Whitby mom who published her first book the same year her son was born, 2004.  She balances motherhood with writing and thoroughly enjoys creating new stories or ideas.  She has more plans for Ruth Bay and her friends, as well as more stories for younger tots.