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Packing lunches just got easier thanks to the Dieticians of Canada and their new Healthy Lunches on the Go section of their website.

Parents, students and working individuals are hungry for lunch ideas. Dietitians of Canada invites you to visit its Healthy Lunches to Go section ( and discover tips and recipes to make your job of packing healthy and delicious lunch a little easier.

Packing a healthy lunch takes a little planning and creativity, but it's worth it when you open your lunch bag and find something truly delicious? says Mary Sue Waisman, dietitian. If you're on the hunt for new lunch ideas, Healthy Lunches to Go is the place to be.The Healthy Lunches to Go site offers nutrition information, tips and recipe ideas. It also looks at some of the roadblocks we all face in making healthy lunches part of our daily routine, and suggests solutions.

What you'll find on this site:

  • Tips to prepare lunches when you?re short on time such as keeping supplies handy and keeping your pantry stocked so food is there when you need it
  • How to add variety to your lunches and follow Eating Well with Canada?s Food Guide
  • How to read nutrition labels
  • What to do if you have a food allergy and what foods are most commonly associated with allergies
  • How to keep food safe
  • And much more!

In addition, the site has an interactive zone where consumers will find:

  • Videoclips with quick, easy and practical ideas
  • Interactive tools to help plan menus
  • Games and quizzes to test your nutrition knowledge.


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