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The 2006 Durham Region municipal elections are just a around the corner. Advanced polls run from Wednesday, November 1st to Sunday, November 5th and election day is Monday, November 13th. Do you know who you

It might seem odd to have an article about municipal elections on a parenting website but it actually makes a lot of sense. The largest percentages of eligible voters are parents and grandparents, and when you think about it, we really have the most to lose or gain from our decision to go to the polls or not.  Yet, in the 2000 municipal elections, only 33% of Durham residents voted, a decrease of  2% from 1995.*


Municipal elections, unlike provincial and federal, provide us with the opportunity to see the most direct results from casting our ballot. By voting municipally, you can change how your local school board is run, you can change how your town or city manages public transportation, and how it attracts business and more jobs to your community. Consider local public safety issues, community services, environmental protection, parks, development and last, but not least, local taxes. All of these issues are based municipally.


If you have a question, concern, or suggestion, about you child’s school, the safety of your neighbourhood, or the protection of green spaces in your community, you don’t need to write Queen’s Park, or Parliament Hill, instead you can very quickly call or e-mail  your local trustee, or local or regional councillor, and connect with them right away.


Voting not only helps us improve our community for our families, but it teaches our children the value our electoral system. When I was growing up, my parents always took me to the polls with them and I got a chance to see what it was all about and as I grew older, each visit I asked more questions, and learned more. It doesn’t matter how old your children or grandchildren are, take them to the polls with you, let them learn that it’s a privilege to cast a ballot and help shape our community’s future. You never know - maybe one day their names might be on our ballots.


For information on your local candidates, how to get on the voters list, and where and when to vote, please visit the follow links:


* Source: Toronto Community Foundation