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"The refrigerator holds it all: food and finance, weight and well-being, organization and chaos, all rolled into one big box. Dive into that baby with a detached eye, a hardened heart and one small hour of time and you're on the road to weight loss, better household management, and a healthier budget." We couldn't agree more!
We find the best time to wipe down and organize the refrigerator is when we put away a fresh load of groceries. You may find it is better for you to organize the fridge before you go grocery shopping so you know what you need. Either way, keeping your refrigerator organized will not only make it easier for you and your family to locate the food you are looking for, but it will also help maximize your food's shelf life.
  • Begin by sorting and tossing all empty bottles and containers, and all outdated items

  • Remove all items one shelf at a time and clean thoroughly. (we know this is not fun, but it is necessary....)

  • Replace items with a system (eg: bottom shelf ~ leftovers, side door ~ condiments), making it easier to find the food you are looking for and helping you keep track of what's in the fridge. Usually the door is the warmest spot with the greatest temperature fluctuation, the bottom shelf the coldest with the most consistent temperature,?so keep this in mind when positioning food.

  • Replace food with the oldest food in the front and the newest food in the back so you use the food before it goes bad.

  • Place the healthy items that you need to eat more of in the front of the fridge and the fatty food in the back. This will help you eat healthier.

  • Remove outdated and unnecessary paper and photos from the outside of your fridge.

  • Don't overwhelm the fridge's exterior with too many magnets, set a reasonable limit and only keep your favourites.

  • Remove all items from the top of your fridge, clean it off and place a decorative basket there for any loose items that NEED to be stored there.

  • Use the clear, plastic baskets you can buy at the dollar store to contain loose items that are continuously falling out when you open the door.

  • Keep a list of leftovers on the outside of your fridge with the date the meal was first prepared. This reminds family members of what's available so it will get eaten.

  • After you've organized your refrigerator, look in your compost pail. What is in there that is rotten or stale? This is a pretty good indication of what you waste your money on. See lots of leftovers? Consider making smaller meals so that nothing is left over.

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