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Winter is around the corner, but don't go into hibernation mode yet; there's still plenty to be done! With the holiday spirit already circulating, a little advance planning will keep you focused on family and celebration.
*Your goal ~should be to park one of your most expensive and useful possessions, your car, in the garage so that the winter elements don't diminish your investment. Discard unused items, whether to landfill or charity. Group 'like' items together and if you haven't already, install sturdy shelving so that the floor is clear.

*Winterize your house~ clear your eavestroughs of leaves and debris, have your chimney, fireplace and furnace inspected, check doors and windows for drafts and reseal accordingly, be sure that all of your outdoor equipment is properly cleaned and stored out of the elements

*Holiday card and gift lists ~ become a snap when stored electronically on your smart phone or computer. This will enable you to efficiently print names and address labels for your holiday cards, as well as immediately save new addresses from the cards you receive.

*Remember that notebook we talked about earlier this season? Here's the perfect place to keep your list if going electronic isn't your thing. Pay attention; you'll be surprised how often family and friends mention items they're hoping for or planning to buy.

*Consider giving an experience rather than a thing ~ a concert or theatre ticket, day at the spa, restaurant gift card or a donation to a charity can leave a more lasting impression than another tie or bottle of perfume.

*Go digital and save time ~ shop on-line; it's easy, fast, secure, and often shipping is free around the holidays. Did you know you can also buy groceries and other holiday purchases (even trees!) online? Save yourself a shopping trip, and spare yourself those impulse purchases that tend to go hand in hand with holiday shopping.

Our final tip- As you're heading out to the mall, keep the gift-giving under control. It's great to be generous, but don't go overboard. There are lots of ways to exercise restraint when it comes to giving gifts, especially if you have a large family or a 'gift-heavy' social circle. Our experience in your homes have shown us one thing: gifts tend to comprise a large chunk of clutter because they tend to be items with value that aren't exactly what you want or need. Our suggestion- Set a price limit on gifts, draw to choose one person only to buy for, or purchase only for the kids.


Make it an organized season!

Kim & Sandra

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