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Lots of fun with Max & Ruby as we share in their fun and adventures.

Based on the books created by internationally renowned author and illustrator Rosemary Wells, Max & Ruby was made into a highly successful television series.  The episodes revolve around the adventures of two bunnies—the very independent and spirited Max and his caring older sister Ruby.  Although the siblings often have opposite agendas, they always manage to resolve their conflicts—often in hilarious ways.  And in the end, it is their love and respect for each other that helps them to overcome their differences—and makes the series such a hit with its young audience. 

Each book captures the essence of Rosemary Wells’ original works by focusing on the strong relationship between the siblings and presents a powerful message to young


Ruby Riding Hood
Ruby is taking cookies to Grandma and Max wants to have some.   Ruby tells a variation of the story of Little Red Riding Hood, in which the Big Bad Wolf ends up eating Grandma’s cookies.  Which gives Max a wonderful idea…


Max's Work of Art
Ruby and Louise are painting pictures for the Bunny Scout Art Exhibit—and they use Max as a model.  But Max doesn’t want to model—he wants to paint!

Super Max Saves the World
Ruby and Louise are trying to make a papier mache mobile of the sun, moon, and earth for their science project.  Max and Morris are playing with their favourite super heroes—Super Bunny and Zoom Zoom.  The girls are worried that the super heroes are going to ruin their project but in the end, Super Bunny and Zoom Zoom literally save the world!