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Don't go shopping without reading the Canadian Toy Testing Councils reviews first!


It’s December and the great toy hunt has begun! Like myself, I know that many of you dread the toy hunting season because you so desperately want to get something that is going to last more than just 10 minutes on Christmas morning. You want something new, engaging and fun. To help you with this, we’ve provided links to some of the best toy reviews out there.


Our personal favorite reviews come from the Canadian Toy Testing Council because not only do they review the toys, but they ensure that they are child tested and safe.

Best Bets 

If you’re looking for a ‘best bet’, then start with the Council’s Best Bet Toys. All the toys on the Best Bet list have been evaluated for innovative in design,  excellent in function and durability, and sustaining play value. Find the 2009 Best Bets here:



Children’s Choice 

The Children’s Choice award goes to “new toys on the market that have proven to be fun, innovative and the absolute best in their area of play.”  Find the children’s choice here:



Toy Reports 

You can find the details of all the Canadian Toy Testing Council 2009 Reports  (search alphabetically and by age) here: htm


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