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These books are great for little ones and young readers.

My kids just love them, and now we're excited to find out about a whole brand new collection of Max and Ruby books based on the popular television series and published by Key Porter Books. The author, Rosemary Wells, is the creator of the original Max and Ruby characters.

Not only are there great stories to read to your child, like Ruby's Skating Day, but they've recently introduced Max and Ruby titles in the Key to Reading program.

The Key to Reading program consists of three levels for the beginning, emerging, and independent reader. What better way to encourage children to read than with their favourite Max and Ruby stories, like Ruby Writes a Story and Max Is It.

If you haven't heard about Max and Ruby, the stories  revolve around the adventures of two bunnies—the very independent and spirited Max and his caring older sister Ruby.  Although the siblings often have opposite agendas, they always manage to resolve their conflicts—often in hilarious ways.  And in the end, it is their love and respect for each other that helps them to overcome their differences—and makes the series such a hit with its young audience. 

Some of the other brand new titles include:

  • Max Dresses Up
  • Fireman Max
  • Ruby's Magic Act
  • Max is It
  • Max Meets Morris
  • Max's Birthday