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If you're looking for ideas on the hottest new toys this year, be sure to check out Mastermind Toy's holiday picks.

1. KIDKRAFT MASTER COOK'S KITCHEN ($219.95), Ages 3+ Young chefs will jump for joy when they see this deluxe play kitchen! The Master Cook's Kitchen from KidKraft is perfect for make-believe play and cooking up a truly fun time. Featuring pastel colours and smart, sturdy construction made of finished, composite wooden materials, this beautiful kitchen is also large enough for multiple kids to play together at once.

2. RADIO FLYER LITTLE RED FIRE ENGINE ($149.95), Ages 1+ Race to the rescue with this classic toy from a classic name. This brand new take on the ride-on fire engine, from one of the oldest names in the toy business, is sure to delight under the tree this year. It features a sturdy steel design, complete with push bar handle for mom and dad, rubber wheels for safe floor riding, retractable footrests and a stylish design!

3. LEAP FROG LEAPPAD II ($119.95), Ages 4+
The top kids tablet just got better! This amazing piece of technology for little ones has the same great features as the first generation LeapPad but includes upgrades like the high resolution cameras on both the front AND back, faster processing, more memory and improved battery life!

4. SYMPHONY IN B. MUSIC MAKER ($99.95), Ages 3+ Imagine having your little one compose classic musical all on their own! With the Symphony in B. Music Maker, kids mix and match 13 different instruments onto the orchestra pit; when an instrument is added, that element of the music (for example the drums) begins to play. Kids get to combine the elements to create an arrangement just like a real Conductor!

Brio is the original wooden train system. Made from Beech wood, this train system is built to last and will not splinter. What sets Brio apart is the blend of complexity and simplicity with elements of nostalgia and the modern world. Elements include an extraordinary amount of detail and moving parts that allow these trains to function exactly as they would in the real world.

Put down your crayons and stretch your drawings to a new dimension! The Crayola Digital Light Designer offers a dazzling way for creative people to draw with light and dimension. Kids use a digital stylus to draw on a 360 degree dome canvas with colored LED lights. Three different modes allow children to freely draw, add animation or special effects, and play games and activities.

7. SKOOT CASE LUGGAGE ($59.95), Ages 3+ (Red, Blue, Pink, Lilac) (Mastermind Exclusive)
For the little world traveler, this case holds the most important travel necessities (like books, games and stuffed animals), but also folds up to look like a Vespa Scooter! A completely chic, European design with handle bars and steering, your little one can scoot around the airport in style!
8. STIX STRUX FORT BUILDER ($59.95), Ages 5+ The latest and greatest fort-building set! Stix Strux is comprised of super lightweight plastic tubes and foam connectors that go together to create GIANT forts-- just add a bed sheet (and your imagination) and the sky is the limit!

9. ZIPFY COLOURS ($49.95), Ages 8+
The classic mini luge sled now comes in designs created by artists from around the world (including Toronto, ON)! Tear down the hill with styles like Graffiti, Monster & Totem Pole.

10. CYBER CYCLE R/C MOTORCYCLE ($49.95), Ages 5+
This fully functioning motorcycle takes R/C vehicles to the next level. With two- wheel steering and self-righting capabilities this futuristic looking motorcycle will blow your mind!

11. WOOFER DOGGY GUITAR ($39.95), Ages 3+ Get ready for peppy puppy tunes! This adorable doggy-shaped guitar plays guitar music ? but in the form of doggy barks and 'hound-dog' howls!

12. SPEED STACKS STACK PACK ($39.95), Ages 4+ It's stacktacular! Experience Sport Stacking, the exciting new sport that builds hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, concentration, and speed! To play, up-stack and down-stack 12 Speed Stacks cups in specific patterns as fast as you can - racing against the clock for your quickest time!

13. PERPLEXUS TWIST BRAIN PUZZLE ($29.95), Ages 8+ Perplexus is our best-selling brain puzzle and the Perplexus Twist adds a new 'twist! The object is to move the marble through the 360 degree maze inside a giant hand-held sphere. With the twist, you must ALSO twist and turn the internals tracks to navigate the maze!

14. MASTER KITZ ART KITS ($29.95), Ages 5+
For the budding artiste! These kits teach the techniques & history of master painters like Van Gogh and Monet. Then, little ones are encouraged to create their own interpretations of some of the biggest masterpieces of all time with the included paints, stencils and brushes!

15. REMOTE CONTROLLED ROBOT WITH DISC SHOOTER ($29.95), Ages 5+ Not only does this space robot shoot discs, he also has five awesome functions: walking forward and backwards, sliding and glide, twisting head, twisting and turning body and (the best part) robot dancing!

16. SNO STOMPERS ($21.95), Ages 5+
These aren't your regular snow shoes! These Sno Stompers have animal tracks underneath and leave cool dinosaur and bear tracks in your wake! Simply strap these on over your little one's boots and stomp around in the snow!

17. STAR WARS FORCE GLOVE ($19.95), Ages 6+
Join the force young Jedis-in-training! These gloves help you harness the energy of the force (with a magnet inside the glove), that allows little ones to perform the elusive Force Push and Force Pull.

18. COOL CIRCUITS ($19.95), Ages 8+
Electrify your brain with this challenging puzzler! The object is to place all of the pieces on the board to successfully complete the circuit; do so, and the entire board lights up! Cool Circuits emphasizes spatial reasoning and abstract thinking with over 40 different challenges ranging from student to expert. Can you solve them all?

19. MAGNETIC TRAVEL CHESS ($6.95), Ages 8+ ( Mastermind Exclusive)
This magnetic chess set is PERFECT for travel. It is compact and portable AND magnetic so all the pieces stay in place while you?re playing. PLUS all proceeds from the sale of this game will be donated to local food banks in the communities surrounding our Mastermind stores!

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