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Life is funny and not always what we plan for. Our family plan was to start having children three years into marriage. TEN years after marrying we were blessed with a daughter. Since our family was most likely complete, we moved to a two bedroom home thinking it was large enough. Life played a joke on us?

Six months later, I was pregnant. At eight weeks, maternity clothes were required. I was blossoming rather quickly but it was a second pregnancy. This was normal, wasn’t it?

My poor husband! He experienced a very hormonal woman. Normally, I’m pretty calm. This pregnancy brought extremes – happy, sad, and angry. I didn’t know what to do with myself! The fatigue was incredible and my husband thought I was “milking” this pregnancy thing. Nausea – so extreme I wanted to force throwing up. I never did throw up although it was close once while changing a dirty diaper.

Finally at 19 weeks along, a scheduled ultrasound discovered I was carrying twins. This was a relief to know as I was measuring very large. It also explained my extreme pregnancy symptoms.

I had numerous ultrasounds, each one uncomfortable. Non-stress tests were just the opposite. The babies had similar movements and heartbeats per minute. One memorable non-stress test took almost 5 hours to complete, in order to distinguish Baby A from Baby B.

At 28 weeks along, strangers in stores would smile at me and comment that the baby would be along anytime now. I looked full term. I admit it was fun to watch their expressions when I told them there were 3 more months to go! I would also tell them I was carrying twins and then they looked relieved. At 32 weeks along, my obstetrician told me that twins can come earlier than singletons. In my mind I was now due anytime. The babies came at 39 weeks. Imagine being “overdue” for 7 weeks.

The twins arrived via C-section weighing 7 lbs and 7lbs 9 oz. After a rather distressing stay in hospital we were glad to go home. The next 3 weeks are a blur. I don’t remember much beyond trying to double nurse successfully. After much frustration, I nursed them for 15 months and weaned them directly to a cup.

Looking back, I don’t know how I could nurse both babies, burp one and place her into a bouncy chair while continuing to nurse the other baby. I know I became a champion diaper changer!

I became involved in a multiple birth group and enjoyed the mom meetings, newsletters and clothing/equipment sales. It was good to have contact with other moms who understood what I was experiencing. Durham Parents of Multiples (DPOM) offered support when it was needed. Chapters are located across Canada. Multiple Births Canada’s website is:

Our lives changed incredibly with two cribs, two swings, two exersaucers…you get the idea. We wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, two years after our double blessing we had our fourth child.

Remember the two bedroom house? We are still there and we are managing just fine. Life is funny. Isn’t it great!

About the author: Marilyn Muizelaar is a wife to one, mother to four and a friend to many. She is Director of Joyous Sounds School of Music…