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Play is universal and it

 The best way to teach children new skills, foster imagination, instill a desire to learn and build self-esteem – through play – also happens to be the most fun.  Gymboree, a global leader in parent-child play programs, shares its play-tested activities in new books for parents and children.

Packed with entertaining and educational activities for children from birth to five years old, Gymboree’s PLAY & LEARN:  1001 FUN ACTIVITIES FOR YOUR BABY AND CHILD by Gymboree child development experts is a must-have resource for parents and anyone who spends time with babies and young kids.  Kid-tested, parent-friendly activities are ideal for spontaneous fun with no complicated preparation necessary, while chapter introductions highlight developmental milestones for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Parents and caregivers will discover years’ worth of creative, enriching activities – “Trace the tootsies,” a light tickle game for babies teaching names of body parts; “Reverse the roles,” allowing baby to be the nurturer, not just the one being nurtured; “Think inside the box;” Shine some starlight” to encourage budding astronomers; “Have a Q&A” to promote logical thinking skills; and more – to enhance children’s development in key areas, such as language, problem solving, social skills, and coordination.