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Do your kids or grandkids love getting mail but rarely find anything in the mailbox with their name on it?

One of this month's Parent's Picks is

A mom from Nova Scotia came up with the idea for when her kids were always running to the mailbox hoping for mail, but rarely receiving it.

Happy Mail for Kids is a great way to send the kids (aged 4-9) in your life a personalized letter with a little extra. We like it because it's not just for parents, but it's also great for grandparents who are always wanting to send little surprises, but not always able to get out to find them and mail them, especially this time of year.

Happy Mail lets you pick the theme of the letter so that the contents (crafts, recipes, colouring sheets), reflect the age and interests of the child you're sending it to. You also have the option of just sending one or signing up for several on the dates of your choice.

For more information on how you can send Happy Mail, visit