Back to articles How a Bouncy Castle Saved the Day

Categories: Parent Picks

If you're looking for a game or bouncer for you next party or event, check out Redline Promotions.

This year Redline Promotions provided the bouncy castle for our Durham Region Moms annual picnic. As some of you might recall, we suffered from a torrential downpour just as the picnic was getting underway, so when it finally stopped raining, we had a lot of activities that were stuck in the mud. Fortunately, for us, our bouncy castle saved the day, especially for the little ones who were slipping and sliding around in the puddles. The castle was a huge hit with everyone, even with the older kids who claimed to be too old or too cool for bouncing around.

Redline Promotions rents unique and exciting games, activities and food making equipment for every occasion - everything from inflatable jousting and sumo wrestling for adults, to ball ponds and mini cars for little ones, to hot dog carts and cotton candy making machines for when hunger strikes.

They have over 10 years of experience and have over 200 games and activities to choose from and you don't have to worry about trying to figure things out because their staff explain everything to you and provides easy to follow instructions that you can take with you. So the next time you are looking for some fun to add to your party or event, make sure you get in touch with Redline Promotions.

You can contact Redline Promotions at 1-877-234-3163 or visit their website