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The vision of sugar plums can be a worry more than a pleasant anticipation this holiday season for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All that great food, much of it high in fat and calories, can have an effect on the waistline for even the most health-conscious individuals.


Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Diabetes Association have teamed up to bring you their top ten tips for healthy holiday living. Here are some examples:

 1. Use the Nutrition Facts table on packaged food products to compare the nutrients in similar foods and make lower fat, lower calorie choices. Most packaged foods in grocery retail stores must carry a standardized Nutrition Facts table providing consumers with a core list of nutrients. Visit

2. Keep your eye on portion sizes ? it?s often not what but how much you eat that can make the difference. Use Eating Well with Canada?s Food Guide as a guide to serving sizes. Enjoy a piece of shortbread or a small portion of the traditional plum pudding.

3. Make health and road safety a priority when serving holiday beverages. Lower fat eggnogs, ?virgin? Caesars, sparkling water and cranberry juice spritzers without the alcohol are great choices in keeping with the season.

To read the rest of their tips, visit: :




Make these healthy living tips part of your routine the whole year ? not just for the holidays. Small changes over time will make the greatest impact on your health.


To get more great information from the Dieticians of Canada, visit:




 to find fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions that will help make you a wise consumer when it comes to label reading. You can even take a fun tour through a Virtual Grocery Store at to learn and test your label-reading skills.