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As the holidays approach and things get busier and busier, and we start to spend more time at the mall and less time at home, many parents start thinking about how to bring a little more meaning to the season for themselves and their kids by helping those in need.

As early as pre-school age, our kids can not only understand the concept of helping others, but can actually learn a lot by taking part in a family’s effort to help out others in their community, whether it be by donating money, gifts, food or time .

We know that coming up with ideas on how to help out can sometimes be overwhelming, so we've put together some information on Women’s Shelters and Food Banks across Durham who can really use your help this season in whatever way you’re able to give.

Durham Women’s Shelters

Women’s shelters across Durham provide a safe place where women and their children can escape violence. These shelters are always in need, but over the holidays, they are especially in need of gifts for the kids who are staying there, especially for teen boys and girls. Gift ideas include gift certificates to McDonalds or Walmart, craft supplies, make-up, glove and scarf sets, purses, makeup bags, cologne, socks and slippers, and shaving products. For more detailed information about how you can help the Women’s Shelters across Durham, please click on the links below:

* Denise House (
* Herizon House (
* Y’s Wish (
* Bethesda House (Bomanville)


    Food Banks and Kitchens

   Food Banks and organizations that provide low cost meals to the hungry across Durham Region always need our help with food donations, financial donations, and our time. We’ve included a list of local food banks, and a link to St Vincent’s Kitchen, which is a wonderful     restaurant that is volunteer run and provides over 150 nutritious meals a day to those in     need in our community.

        *  Durham Region Food Banks 
         * St Vincent's Kitchen (Oshawa)