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This Halloween hand print craft activity is a ton of messy fun for preschool and kindergarten children and just perfect for a Halloween-theme unit!

So, what are you waiting for-- Let's use our hands to craft a Halloween Ghost and Spider!

Craft supplies you will need:

  • Orange construction paper
  • Black and white paint
  • Plates
  • Black wool
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

Craft instructions:

Have the children dip their hand in white paint and then press their hand on orange construction paper.

Then, have the children dip one of their hands in black paint and press down, minus their thumb, at the bottom of the orange construction paper.

Once done, have the children dip their hand in black paint again and press down opposite their other hand print (palm to palm), making a Spider.

Let dry.

When dry, using black paint or a black marker, have the children paint eyes and a mouth on their Halloween Ghost.

For the spider, have the children glue on googly eyes.

Lastly, have the children apply glue to a piece of black wool and attach from the Halloween Spider to the top of their art picture.

And, voila the children have now made a Halloween Ghost and Spider Hand print craft!? What an adorable craft for preschool and kindergarten children to make.? Just perfect for a Halloween-theme unit!

While the kids are making their Halloween Ghost and Spider Handprint craft, play the Halloween song for kids in the background.

The Halloween song for kids is a nice complement to this super fun kids Halloween craft activity!

Thanks to Kiboomu Kids Crafts for the fabulous ideas!