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Santa may have a whole workshop, and 364 days to prepare, but you don't! While few of us have the luxury of a gift-wrapping room year round, finding the space, however primitive, during the holiday gift-wrapping rush. Here are a few tips that the always-organized Mrs. Claus with us. (who did you think did all that wrapping?!)
  • Designate a room, even if it's the corner of the furnace room, and outfit it with a table, giving yourself ample room to spread out. Be sure that your table is up and ready to roll by the end of the first week of December, at the very latest. (that's the end of this week!) No room for a table? A piece of plywood on the bed in the guest room or even an ironing board will work just as well.

  • Use tools that will help you work efficiently, like a weighted tape dispenser for grabbing pieces of tape one-handed.

  • Tangled ribbon got you frustrated? Repurpose your paper-towel holder with stacking ribbon spools for easy access.

  • While gift-wrap holders are available at local retailers, a large trash bin works just as well for holding paper upright. Use a thin elastic band to keep opened paper on its roll.

  • No room for storing wrapped gifts and the tree isn't up yet? Wrap, affix the gift tag and stack under your table. Save the bows and embellishments for later.

  • If you have the storage space, be sure to purchase wrapping paper, cards and bows for next year at Boxing Day prices.

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