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The Mastermind countdown to summer has begun! After the winter we have just experienced, who isn't ready for summer fun? The experts at Mastermind Toys, Canada's largest specialty toy retailer, have unveiled this summer's Mastermind Must-Haves.

Whether you are playing at the beach, the backyard, the basement or the park, these 24 fun-filled items will keep kids active, occupied and entertained 'rain or shine'all summer long! All of these Mastermind Must-Haves will be available at Mastermind's 29 locations and online at

Mastermind summer Must haves


1. SLACKLINE ($89.99 + $99.99, Ages 5+)

If you've ever wanted to walk a tightrope high above the circus floor, Slacklining may be for you! Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground and usually anchored between two trees. Originating in the climbing world, slacklining has evolved into a cross trainer, backyard activity and sport all of its own. All you need to get started is this kit, a couple of trees and you're good to go!

2. LAZER PITCH BASEBALL ($49.99, Ages 6+)

Attention young sluggers: learn how to bat with this amazing Lazer Pitch system! Just press the button on the bat and the ball shoots out of the pitching machine allowing the child to control the timing for each hit. The pitching machine features adjustable pitching angles, perfect for beginners!

3. STELLARSCOPE ($39.99, Age 8+)

An awesome star-finding tool, the Stellarscope displays all the main stars and constellations of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Choose the adapter for your latitude and rotate the time/date selector for the current date and time. Look through the Stellarscope for a star map aligned with the actual night sky as it appears in your location at that very moment.

4. X6 ZOOM ROCKETZ ($29.99, Ages 8+)

Introducing the first ever auto-rotating, multi-launching Zoom Rocketz! Works just like your traditional stomp rocket system, but this one allows you to load all six rockets to the base and stomp rapid-fire style to send all six launching over 75 feet, one after another!

5. KENDAMA ($18.99, Ages 8+)

Are you ready for the fun challenge of Kendama? This traditional Japanese game is easy to play with but difficult to master. Catch the competition-sized ball on the various size cups, then go for the spike, landing the ball on the pointed tip. In addition to these basic manoeuvres, there are numerous other tricks that players can perform, all of which require great hand eye coordination.

6. DODGE TAG ($18.99, Ages 6+)

Calling all Dodge Ball and Tag enthusiasts! Meet Dodge Tag: the ultimate two-player Dodge Ball game! Each player wears an air mesh vest and picks three balls. Players throw the soft, safe Velcro balls and try to stick them to their opponent's vests. Run, dodge and throw. If the ball sticks, it's a hit. Kids will love this fast paced, action-packed game.

7. KIDNOCULARS ($14.99, Ages 3+)

Perfect for your backyard summer safari, these colourful, Kidnoculars are the only binoculars designed specifically for little kids. Lightweight and durable, these focus-free eye pieces offer three times the magnification of ordinary binoculars, perfect for small explorers allowing them to magnify the fun!

8. JACK ATTACK GIANT JAX GAME ($12.99, Ages 6+)

You don't know Jax until you play GIANT Jack Attack! The traditional vintage game with a new Street Ball twist - everything is GIANT! Take the super charged bouncy ball, slam it on the ground with the extra large Jax and scramble to pick them all up and catch the ball before it hits the ground. Full body action required!


9. OUR GENERATION DOLLS ($139.99 - $9.99, Ages 4+)

Canadian-designed and inspired, Our Generation Dolls are beautiful 18" dolls that speak to every girl. This new, high-quality, fashion-forward line features everything you need to personally style your doll: trendy outfits, accessories and shoes that vary from season to season, plus a cool collection of play sets. There is something for every taste and interest that helps make Our Generation as special as you!

10. SANDS ALIVE! THEME KITS ($39.99 - $29.99, Ages 3+)

Sands Alive! is 100% organic sand that never dries out; it's non-toxic, bacteria-free, and water soluble. Sands Alive! is soft to the touch and holds its shape when you want it to! Squish it, form it, roll it, you'll want to play with it again and again. Available in different kits, kids can create amazing sculptures with the Dino Kingdom, Sea Life and Sweet Shoppe Bakery Kit. The Neon Frenzy Kit is the world's first fluorescent Light up Sand. Play and create while wearing the included UV Black Light glasses that make the sand appear absolutely cosmic!

11. SPIROGRAPH ART STUDIO ($39.99, Ages 8+)

The Original Spirograph Art Studio is the ultimate spiro-art design set, featuring tons of artists' supplies as well as all of the iconic wheels and rings of the original Spirograph, re-engineered and updated for today. The set also comes with a 25 page drawing pad, 20 sheets of Spirograph design paper, pattern scissors, a self-inking stamp, a glue stick, pencil sharpener and stickers!

12. DOODLE QUEST ($29.99, Ages 6+)

Dive below the deep blue sea where there's fish to gobble, treasure to discover, and divers to save! You will complete each quest with the power of your pen, drawing your way through underwater scenes on the quest cards. But it's not that easy! Players draw on separate transparent sheets and must trust their eyes in order to meet targets and avoid obstacles. Place the clear plastic sheet on top of the puzzle to see if you were successful!

13. SUPER MOOSE ($29.99, Ages 3+)

Our super friendly moose has shed his antlers. Help him regrow new ones by adding one branch at a time. Be careful, it's a real balancing act! If he tips over, you?ll have to begin again.

14. GOLDIEBLOX AND THE DUNK TANK ($24.99, Ages 4+)

In GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank, Goldie has to find a way to get Nacho clean. The only problem: Nacho hates water and loves being a dirty dog. After many tries to get Nacho clean, Goldie finally comes up with the perfect contraption. As kids read along, they help Goldie build a dunk tank (and learn about hinges and levers) to get Nacho clean so everyone can go to the carnival on time.

15. MESSAGE BEANS ($4.99, Ages 6+)

It's a plant and a supersecret message, a gift that keeps on growing! Just five days after planting these magic beans, a message will appear on the first set of leaves that sprout! With three different messages to choose from - 'Happy Birthday', 'BFF' & 'I Love You' - these beans are a perfect topper for any gift.


16. PLAYMOBIL PIRATE SHIP ($99.99, Ages 4+)

Ahoy Matey! Climb on board this amazing new pirate ship from Playmobil! This boat comes with everything you need for an epic pirate adventure, PLUS an underwater motor that is remote controlled to get you from one shore to another. Whether you?re in the pool or the bath, the fun is never ending.

17. AQUAPOD BOTTLE ROCKET ($39.99, Ages 14+)

The Aquapod is the most exciting bottle launcher out there. Using air, a bike pump and some water, you can launch a 2-litre water bottle up to 100 ft. in the sky. This fluorescent orange futuristic one-piece design is the only launcher available with a built-in pressure release valve for everyone's safety, and no assembly is required.

18. SMAK-A-BALL ($22.99, Ages 6+)

It's Smakable fun for everyone! Catch and smack the large beach ball with your paddle made of pool noodles. Smack the ball back and forth or take your play to the next level with Monkey in the Middle or any of your other favourite catch games.

19. UNDERWATER EXPLORER BOAT ($16.99, Ages 3+)

What lies beneath the surface? Find out with the Underwater Explorer Boat! Perfect for trips to the lake or shore, or for playing in the swimming pool or bathtub, the boat features a clear, magnified floor that enables kids to see beneath the surface. Perfect for discovery and exploration, this scientific toy is a vacation must-have!


20. FIRE FISHING POLE ($24.99, Ages 8+)

The secret to a perfectly roasted marshmallow has arrived! The stainless steel marshmallow roaster looks and feels like a fishing pole as it hangs over the flames and lets you safely roast marshmallows or hot dogs. The secret is the special 'jig' move that lets you flip your food for an even roasting!

21. SWEET LINKS BRACELET MAKER ($24.99, Ages 8+)

Using this unique tool, weave mini-barbell beads into one-of-a kind bracelets! Perfect to bring with you on the road or to camp to make and exchange with your friends!

22. MAGIC PILLOW PAINTING KIT ($19.99, Ages 6+)

Send them to camp with a personalized pillow! This kit includes brushes and six paints to decorate their own pillowcase. When finished the non-toxic paint is set with an iron and becomes bright and machine washable.

23. MONSTER TAILS ($9.99, Ages 8+)

From the maker of the bestselling Rainbow Loom comes this new travel size loom! Not only is this loom smaller, it's also the perfect shape to make the 'Monster Tail' bracelet. Comes with 600 elastics, but kids can use the elastics they may already have from the Original Rainbow Loom.


Do you have a Rainbow Loom enthusiast in your house? Get them their own upgraded metal Rainbow Loom hook that is tough and durable and can stand the pressure of any design you throw its way, plus it comes with a mini Rainbow Loom for looming on the go! Available in three colours - pink, blue & green!

Note: Items listed subject to availability. Prices subject to change.


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