Back to articles Fire up the barbecue this summer and grill?some tofu? by Amy Snider, Professional Home Economist

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Nothing spells summer like a good old fashioned BBQ at home with family and friends. Burgers, steaks and hot dogs on the grill are summer classics packed with sizzling taste but they are not always the most calorie-conscious and nutritious meal options. Rather than tossing meat on the barbecue every time, as a delicious and lean way to add variety to your grill, think about using tofu instead.

 Always a nutritious option, tofu contains no cholesterol or trans fat and is low in sodium and low in saturated fat. It is also a source of calcium and high quality protein, which means that it contains all nine of the essential amino acids we require from our diet. A real time-saver, tofu can be grilled and ready to serve faster than most meat products, shaving minutes off your mealtime prep.

A delicious and fuss-free recipe created by Sunrise Soya Foods which is perfect for those who are new to cooking with tofu is Tofu n'Sauce Kebabs. This vegetarian version replaces the pork, lamb or beef traditionally used in a shish kebab with Pete's Tofu n' Sauce.


1 package of Pete's Tofu n' Sauce* (either Szechuan or Teriyaki Flavor - 175g), cut into 1 inch pieces

1/2 red onion, cut into bite sized pieces

1 red bell pepper, cut into bite sized pieces

1 green bell pepper, cut into bite sized pieces

6 mushrooms

6 wooden skewers

After cutting the tofu, drain the remaining sauce into a bowl and set aside. Skewer the ingredients, alternating between the tofu, peppers, onions and mushrooms, to your own desired combination. You can also use other favourite kebab fixings such as cherry tomatoes or zucchini. Grill the skewers on top of a BBQ or even a Panini grill, brushing the entire kebab with the remaining sauce in the package. Rotate the kebab on the grill until all sides are fully warmed through, approximately 3 minutes each side.

*Can be substituted with Sunrise Extra Firm Tofu marinated in your favourite sauce

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