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Inspirational Steps is non-competitive arts and dance centre in Whitby that offers dance, special needs programs, a drop-off centre, and much more.


Ana-Maria Theofilopoulos is the founder of Inspirational Steps, Durham’s non-competitive arts and dance centre in Whitby.  In case you haven’t heard about Inspirational Steps, we caught up with Ana-Maria to find out more about this wonderful place in Whitby that offers a wide range of programs including dance classes, special needs programs for kids and adults, dances for tweens and teens, and the fabulous last-minute drop-off centre for kids.


PS: Ana-Maria, please tell me a little about yourself and why you started Inspirational Steps?

AM:I have a two year old boy and another on the way.  As a BATD (British Academy Teachers of Dance) certified Dance instructor I taught competitive dance for many years and eventually realized that I would like to start teaching classes where dance becomes an art and where students can have the confidence to dance without being judged. I wanted my dancers to have the self-confidence to feel the music and express themselves through the magic of dance and movement. It is important to note that I still follow the technique and theory of the British Academy Teachers of Dance.


PS:What makes Inspirational Steps programs special?  

AM: We offer programs for special needs, a variety of classes for pre-teens and of course our creative arts drop-off centre. Inspirational Steps offers camps, birthday parties and more. We even offer dancercise classes for parents!


PS:Tell me about how children with special needs can benefit from your programs? 

AM:As an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapist and a certified dance instructor I have combined the two and offer programs in Creative Dance and Boys Sports Clubs to build on social skills, physical activity and therapy. We also offer respite programs.


PS:Your last minute drop-off program for kids sounds like something that a lot of parents could use, especially for those days when have errands or appointments where you’d rather be child-free - how does it work?

AM:Parents have the opportunity to leave there children last minute in a childcare centre on days when they have a last minute need. Some parents may have to bring one of their children to the doctors, may need to run some errands or might just need some time to themselves. We also have children who are registered for three mornings a week in our Nursery School.


PS:I heard that you also host dances and programs for tweens/teens.

AM: I have a strong interest in fostering self-confidence and positive self image for tweens and teens. I offer programs in dance for the advanced dancer and also offer classes for students who are interested in learning Hip-hop and other dances but feel they should have started learning them at a much younger age. We have a Friday evening program that offers different weekly topics such as Hip Hop, Beading, Scrap-booking, Yoga, Make-up and cosmetics. It’s a great night to hang out with friends or make new friends in a safe and nurturing environment!