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The Lice Squad helps treat and prevent head lice.

For many parents, head lice is a nightmare that will not go away no matter how may pesticidal applications are used, or how much house cleaning is done. Due to outdated and incorrect information about how to effectively treat and prevent head lice many parents face frustration, wasted time and undue expenses.

The highly skilled team of hairdressers, nurses and personal support workers form a collective group called the Lice Squad ® Inc. Their goal is to educate people about head lice and to assist in the safe and fast removal and prevention of this common pest. 

If you run a home daycare, are a teacher or just have your own kids, you want to avoid trying treatments that don't work and go straight for the expert care that you'll receive from the Lice Squad. In addition, you can feel reassured that the Lice Squad uses only pesticide free products!

You can either call the Lice Squd to come in to your home to do a professional treatment or you can purchase their products knowing that you can rely on the quality and their expertise.

For more information on the Lice Squad and on head lice, visit :