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Do you plan to do any shopping for your family members over this upcoming holiday season? We're willing to bet that's a big YES! If you're planning to bring some new items into your home as part of your holiday festivities, NOW is a terrific time for some of your older items to make their exit.

We can't think of a better place to begin than in your children's rooms! Even though going through your child's closet or playroom in November may not be the first thing that jumps to mind, it makes sense on so many fronts. Let's start by remembering some basic physics, specifically the principle that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time! So, if your child's playroom, toy box or closet is filled to the brim with toys, books and clothes.....something has to go to make room for what's coming. Why not create that space now?

  • Pull your child into the process and go through toys together. Find out which toys he is no longer playing with and which ones are his favourite. Having this conversation and going through this process together before you head out to shop won't just create space, it will also help you strategically plan holiday purchses.

  • Going through your child's things now also gives you perspective oh how much stuff he or she really has. This is important to capture in your mind and take with you when you go shopping. As you go through his things, think about what he really needs. Based on how much he already has, how many gifts make sense.

  • Letting go some of your child's books, toys and clothes before the holidays gives you the opportunity to send your items to a happy home. Plan to donate what your child no longer uses to a charity that will make these items available to less fortunate families during the holiday season. Share your plans with your child and let him know that not everyone is as fortunate as him. This may make letting go of things just a notch easier for both of you when your know your items are going to an especially good cause.

  • Don't forget the 'Santa Factor'. If Santa sees that your child's closet or toy room is already loaded to the brim he'll know that your child really doesn't need many new things. And let's face it.....Santa may be on to something! If there isn't much breathing room in that closet or toy room, and you can't find much to get rid you really need to add to this ever growing pile?

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