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This colourful and festive Chinese New Year craft activity is a ton of fun for preschool and kindergarten children to make, and just perfect for a Chinese New Year lesson plan.

Bringing In The New Year written by Grace Lin is a lovely book to read to children about Chinese New Year, and there are so many great activities to go along with the book, like this Chinese Paper Lantern craft for kids.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's make Chinese Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year!

Craft supplies you will need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Stapler
  • Pencil

Craft instructions:

Using a ruler, have the children measure and cut 1 inch off the top end of a sheet of paper. This will be the Paper Lantern's handle.

Next, have the children fold the remaining sheet of paper in half, length-wise, making a long rectangle.

Then, starting at the folded edge, have the children cut vertical strips about 1 inch apart, but leaving a 1/2 inch strip from the unfolded edge.

Once done, have the children unfold the paper and form into a cylinder shape.

After that, have the children staple the ends of the paper together.

Lastly, have the children staple the Chinese Lantern's handle to each end of their Chinese Paper Lantern.

And, voila, the children have now made a Chinese Paper Lantern! What a bright and decorative Chinese New Year craft activity for preschool and kindergarten children. Just perfect for a Chinese New Year lesson plan.

While the kids are making a Chinese New Year Paper Lantern, play Let's Celebrate song for kids in the background.

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