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Local artist, Paul Leclerc, captures your favourite memories in a unique and personal way.

We’d like to you introduce you to Paul Leclerc, a husband, father of two (three if you include the dog), and a local Whitby artist who capture memories in a beautiful and unique way with pencil portraits.


Paul started drawing when he was in elementary school and after mastering comic book heroes, he moved on to drawing his friends as cartoon characters while in university.


After studying drawing on his own, and taking some courses, he started to focus on portraits, specifically pencil portraits. Paul prefers working in pencil because you can capture greater detail. He is currently working on perfecting his drawing skills using colour pencils.


His favourite subjects for drawing are his friends, family and aviation. “I've loved airplanes and helicopters since I was young and love to draw them” says Paul. He’s also a member of the Canadian Aviation Artists Association and recently won an award of merit for a drawing he entered in Staedtler Canada's (art supply company) drawing contest drawing contest.


If you’re looking to capture a special moment in your life, or would like to find a unique gift, you should consider a pencil portrait. You don’t have to sit for the portrait, but instead Paul works from a photograph. To get in touch with Paul, or to view his portfolio, visit: