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Categories: Family Fun

Angelina Ballerina: the Musical is a fabulous opportunity for parents to introduce their children to the wonderful world of theatre. The show only runs about an hour long (so no need for an intermission). It's performed in a nice little theatre which is cosy and intimate giving all of the kids a great view of the stage. Last but not least, the play is full of music, dance and fun lovable characters.
I must admit, I had doubts when I heard about this play. Wouldn't it be challenging to bring an animated character to life, like Angelina Ballerina? Her distinct squeaky voice and her delicate mouse features would be hard to portray by a human figure. I worried my daughter would be disappointed and say, "that's not Angelina" when the prima dona first appeared on stage. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised! There was not a whisper of doubt from my 8 year old when the play started. She was entranced from the moment the lights went down.

Angelina Ballerina is a sweet little mouse who loves to dance! In this play, she has the opportunity at her school, Camembert Academy, to perform in front of her idol Serena Silvertail. It's the dream of a lifetime for Angelina but somehow things don't quite turn out as she hopes, and she has to pick a dance other than her beloved ballet to perform. As you can imagine, with some soul-searching and creative thinking (as well as some help from her dad and best friend, Alice), it all works out for a happy ending.

The kids in the audience (ranging from 1-10 I would say) all had an amazing experience. I wasn't initially thrilled to see Angelina 'product' being sold in the lobby before the show, but I have to admit, it was pretty darn cute to see all those little girls with their wands and pink mouse ear headbands on. It made them feel like part of the show I think, and who doesn't want to feel special and dress like a dancing mouse?? As an added bonus at the end of the show, the performers invited all the kids to come down and dance the last song together with them. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful family play.

Angelina Ballerina: the Musical is playing at the City Playhouse Theatre in Thornhill from March 10-16, 2012. For tickets and information, visit their website at