Back to articles A Mini-Break With Big Results... by Corinne McDermott of Have Baby Will Travel

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So we tried the whole staycation thing. And it was fun, at first... but when our company couldn't come due to a medical issue (on the mend, thank goodness) I needed to abort the staycation STAT and get the heck outta dodge.

 Leaving a getaway to the last minute on a long weekend is not the best course of action when you need a break, but we lucked out with a family resort less than a 2-hour drive from our door. Enter – The Delawana Inn, in Honey Harbour, Ontario.

Our last experience with Georgian Bay was a private cottage rental near Lion’s Head – where the water was stunning, and stunningly cold. But in Honey Harbour, the temperature of the water was actually warmer than the pool and much more fun due to all the awesome water toys (water trampoline, anyone?) More on that in a sec...

The Delawana Inn is an All-Inclusive family resort that offers full-day camping programs for kids from pre-school age to teen, as well as daycare for younger tots.  Since we were only doing 2 nights, and it was a last-minute adventure, we went for the Bed & Breakfast option which worked out well.  We’ve done private cottage rentals a few times (but not since the kiddos) and would have done the same again, but this was a nice break since there was no work involved – linens, dishes, cooking, etc.

We had a 2-room suite, which was an upgrade – 2 bedrooms joined by a closet and bathroom in the middle.  Everything had a real cottage-y feel but was spacious and clean. My hope of sleeping with the windows letting in the fresh night air was kyboshed, however, by the little bugs able to fit through the screens.  Upon checking in I requested a cot for the baby and literally 5 minutes after finding our room it arrived (practically brand-new playpen) and was set up in seconds (should have had my husband watch and take pointers!)

The grounds are lovely – lots of trees and foliage amidst the rocks.  It’s a bit tricky with a stroller, so definitely have a back-up mode of baby transport.  We were happy to have our wheels for the 2 minute (literally) walk to ‘town’ – a liquor store (it closes at 6!), grocery store/snack bar (dinner for 3 for $20), and a great little ice cream/surf shop. We made great use of the fantastic playground, the mini-putt, and pretty much spent our whole full day at the beach.  With a slow, sandy incline into the water, there’s plenty of fun water structures to play on (with dad’s help of course). They have toddler-sized life jackets, sand toys and beach towels – so you can pack a little lighter.

The B&B option worked well for us – the breakfast buffet is large and features your usual suspects: fruit (fresh & tinned), cereals, breads & pastries, eggs, sausages, bacon – the works.  Both mornings also had variations on Eggs Benny (yum) and the decaf was good (for me this is important!)  One meal we bought at the Mackinaw Pub on the Delawana Grounds – really good food and reasonably priced.  Our second dinner was the aforementioned snack bar in town. Yes our meal was only $20 for the three of us but our arteries are slightly harder as a result.  Really tasty but not what you’d want to indulge in too often.  The grocery store was great for snacks & lunch stuff – stored in the mini-fridge in the room.

The Delawana provided just the mini-break we needed, but our quickie stay is clearly not the norm there.  Most families seem to stay for at least a week and make their trip an annual one.  You know it was a good break when it feels like you’ve been gone for much longer when you get home.

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