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  • Taylar Gymnastics

    Taylar Gymnastics

    Taylar Gymnastics offers quality foundations gymnastics, camp, and birthday party programs. Join us for a free trial class in our fully renovated,...

  • Preschool Canada - Pickering

    Preschool Canada - Pickering

    Preschool Canada Eh to Zed is not your average Childcare Centre!  Our focus is to provide a stimulating early childhood education experience...

  • Pickering Athletic Centre

    Pickering Athletic Centre

    Pickering Athletic Centre offers quality gymnastics and trampoline programs, as well as award-winning camps and birthday parties. From our...

  • Act One School of Drama

    Act One School of Drama

    Act One is Durham Region's most experienced and comprehensive source of quality drama training for ages 5 to Adult. We offer classes for those...

  • Kids' Kicks

    Kids' Kicks

    Brands You Trust– Service You Can Depend On– The Choice That Fits! Providing a unique retail experience: expert and friendly...


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  • Family Fun at Local Fall Fairs

    There's nothing quite like a country fall fair to get you in the mood for the change of seasons. Midway rides, horse shows, demolition derbys, live music, fast food and so much more. It's always so much fun for the whole family!

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  • 3 Tips to Create A Healthy Back to School Lunch Routine By @Deb_Lowther

    Its back to school time and, like January, back to school offers the perfect opportunity to start a new routine and create new healthy habits! My kids have been in school full time now for a few years and each school year the morning madness does get a bit easier, in part because I hand out tasks and expect them to do much of their own school prep.

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  • Fall Registration Guide 2017

    Want to get a head-start on planning your kids' fall activities? Here's our Fall Registration Guide. From music to gymnastics to tutoring to skating and more, we've got some great local places to choose from!

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  • Is Your House Ready for Back-to-School?

    As the summer comes to an end, the fall brings with it a season of packed lunches, rushed mornings and a house in disarray. It's that time of year again, when the kids head back to school. Keeping the house organized when the kids are back in school can be difficult.

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  • French Books Your Child Will Want To Read!

    Camp Tournesol surveyed more than 2000 French immersion families and asked only one question: What is your #1 challenge in supporting your child in their French language journey? The vast majority of parents responded this: Finding FRENCH books my child WANTS to read and is ABLE to READ!

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